Talking about buying businesses

A classmate and friend introduced me their friend who is about to close on a business purchase. It was excellent to hear his journey and made me feel more open to making my own path. He also helped me legitimize my ideas and desire to pursue them. He busted myths like not being able to search part time and not being able to do a search just in your local community. It was very cool to talk to someone with a similar passion about niche technical things. It also made me want to talk to more people about my idea after it passed his sniff test.

I created a concept deck and pitched my business idea to my entrepreneurship class at school. Practicing the pitch really helps tighten the idea and preempt common questions. I got good feedback from the class and the professor thought it had large scale potential. One person joined my team to help work on the project. She has good complementary experience to mine in alternative investments and is very excited about the idea.

The more people I pitch the more interest I get and the more my network grows. Other classmates have offered to introduce me to people in their network and I am spending more time in my network going back to to talk to people now that I have an investing theory and a business idea.

The last interesting development has been researching SBA loans in this space. Regardless of the business plan that comes out of this class, I will personally buy something within the next 12 months. The class will be focused on an investor model that opens up the fund/portfolio to more people looking for passive income. I will also buy a business or two and if a classmate or two wants to participate, it is a good way to test the theory.

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[…] Talking about buying a business: I have done a decent amount of work here. The course I am taking at school is not going super well but has given time to work on the business, so I have a lot more slides now and am better at giving the pitch. Have spoken with a couple lawyers, and some people who do something similar for a living. I have gotten some validation for my thesis. […]


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